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sialan, MHFrontier mau dibikin di X360!!! berikut ini adalah berita yang  saya dapatkan di monster hunter wiki

MHFO will be released in X360!!It’s real, folks. Capcom producer, Mr. Ono Yoshinori, has announced at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan that Monster Hunter Frontier will be coming to the Xbox 360 on June 24, 2010. Price for the disc set is set at ¥6090.No word on an American/English release though.

Closed Beta

Closed beta to begin May in Japan. There will be a separate server for Xbox 360 players, but Capcom would eventually like to cross them with the existing PC server sometime in the future. This closed beta is It’s real, folks. Capcom producer, Mr. Ono Yoshinori, has announced at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan that Monster Hunter Frontier will be coming to the Xbox 360 on June 24, 2010. Price for the disc set is set at ¥6090. No word on an American/English release though.

Open Beta

Although the game is released on June 24, 2010, it’s actual online service will not start until July 7. But before that time, buyers will be able to play online for free in an open beta. Character data made during the open beta can be kept and played with even after the open beta is over and the actual payed online service starts.

Pay to Play

Begining this Summer in Japan, Xbox LIVE Gold members will need to buy a “Hunter Live Course” which costs ¥1,400 ($15) for 30 days. Xbox LIVE Silver members buying the Hunter Live Course will automatically be upgraded to Gold membership for the 30 days.



Monster Hunter Side Story

Drake & Josh Chronicles

(Part 2.5, Black Wings Of Fate)

3 days have passed after Drake &  his friend slay the Kushala…

Jungle Zone, at night

Drake & his friends camping on the jungle area, after finishing urgent quest  given by the guild. They have to slay 2 Rathian that have territorial fight here

Drake sit infront of campfire, but Josh & Wien rested in their own tent.

He looked above, look at the falling stars…

“I’m really glad can hunt with you two, my friends” said Drake, but Josh & Wien can’t hear his voice , they fallen asleep already…

He looked again to the sky…but he noticed something… something flying right above him, but it’s fly very high….

That thing flying make a flying pattern, like dancing in the sky….

Drake need some time before he knows what thing that flying above him exactly…

“this can’t be… it’s that thing is a Fatalis? The legendary black dragon?”

The Black Dragon covered in thick, black colored scales. His black wing webbing also thick, like his scales and body shells. His neck also  covered with small sized spike.

On his head, he have 4 horns, one is cracked already, symbolized all battle he passed without being defeated, symbols of his incredible power.

Drake starred at him, trying to say something..

“I always feared that sometimes I will met and fight you…” he pointed to Fatalis

“I always scared imagine fighting you, scared for being killed” he continued his monolog

“But now……i’m not afraid anymore.. I have friends that fight for me, and I fight for them. We fight as one team….”

“I’m not afraid to being killed, I believe we can beat you!!!” he yelled to the Fatalis

The Fatalis noticed him and seems to be understand what his opponent  say, he roared.. and then he flying higher and higher, and disappeared….

“What are you doing? Aren’t you feel tired after fighting 2 rathian?” said Josh. He heared Drake yelled to the Fatalis….

“I think I better get some sleep, I’m going to sleep, I’m very tired” Drake replied

“Ok” Josh went back to his tent, and sleep again.

Drake looked once more to the falling stars, went back to his tent, and fallen asleep not so long after that………..

Monster Hunter Side Story

Drake & Josh Chronicles

(Part 1, Urgent Quest)

Morning, at the poke village…….

A voice of a felyne trying to  wake up his master is very loud and all of the villager can hear it………

At Drake house………..

“Master!! wake up! Nya!!!” a felyne called Spike trying to wake up his master

“Master Drake!!” Spike yells. “time to wake up, master Josh is waiting you outside, Nya!!”

“What!?  Josh?(he awake) oh, I totally forgot to hunt with him yesterday!!!

He hurriedly go to the item box and wearing his armor, a full set of Rathalos armor, and take his Imperial Gunlance at weapon rack, then he go outside……..

“Hello Drake!!” it’s Josh voice, “Good morning, and I hope you ready to hunt”

Josh is wearing full set of Ceanataur mail, and carrying eager cleaver on its back

Drake says” I’m ready, but what thing that we need to hunt today?”

“This is urgent,” josh face is turned seriously. “The guild is requested us to investigate the Snowy Mountains, yesterday, a team of hunter go there and they never return, so we need to check out what happens here and make sure everything allright”

“Hm…. so this is serious…….” Drake replied. “I think we need 1 more hunter in our team, for this mission.”

“I have recruited a gunner called Wien, he is an expert bowgunner, he uses a full set of Kut-ku, and use Kut-ku Stave for his main weapon.” Josh replied

“Ok, that’s enough, it’s time to go” Wien interrupted

“ Let’s go” Drake yells. “ we need to finish this quest quickly!!!” and he run into village gate, followed by Josh & Wien

Snowy Mountains………

“Hm…… this place is looking different from last time I hunt there” Drake fell something is different.

“ I agree with you Drake” Josh & Wien Replied

“Ok, let’s go, we need to check out higher area, I feel the thing that cause trouble is on that peak” He pointed the peak of the mountains with his finger.

Before they left the camp, all of them drink hot drink to keep their body remain warm

At the peak…..

“What the heck is happen there!?” Wien scream.

Infront of them,  there is a corpse of dead Giadrome and many Giaprey around him , their corpses look weird

“look’s like the thing that killed them is not a hunter, according to the damage they have, look’s like they was killed by something fast, and have sharp claw because there is lot of scars on their body”

“Oh My God!!!!” Josh yells, and his hand pointed to one direction, above them.

Above them, the thing that killed Giadrome and it’s pack is flying, it have two wings that covered in silver colored thick scales, and it shines like it was made from steel, and looks like that thing notice them, and going to landed!

“this can’t be, that thing is the elder dragon of wind!! A Kushala Daora!!!” Drake yells.

“Draw your weapon, quickly!!!” he reloaded his imperial gunlance, and ready to fight.

Josh & Wien readied their own weapon, and ready to fight.

The Kushala stand  on his backfeet and then he roar, a very loud roar that echoes through the night, make all of them shocked…

“This thing is quite difficult to fight” Josh tell Drake about  elder dragon they facing.

“ I know that” Drake replied. “There is no other way, we must repel or kill this creature, no matter what!!! So………. , LETS GO!!!!”

Drake charge with his gunlance, followed by Josh, with his longsword, Eager Cleaver wielded on his hand, and Wien reloaded his bow with arrow…………

The battle is about to begin……………..

To Be Continued….

On part 2 : “Elder Dragon Of Wind”

Monster Hunter Side Story

Drake & Josh Chronicles

(Part 2, Elder Dragon Of  Wind)

Night, at snowy mountains

Kushala jumped back to avoid Drake & Josh charge,  and then make low roar.

“He will use his wind blast!!!!” Josh warned Drake. “Guard!!!”

Kushala shoots high pressure wind from his mouth, straight to Drake, but Drake guarded against his attack with his gunlance…..

“ That was close” said Drake

Wien fired his bow, equipped by power coating, straight to Kushala head but He deflected  it with his wind barrier.

Josh throw flashbomb infront of him, make the elder dragon dazed for a while…..

“It our chance, Attack!!!” Josh charge, followed by Drake. Josh swing his Eager Cleaver to Kushala head, and Drake pierce his gunlance to his stomach, followed by firing 1 shell to  his wing……

The Kushala jumped back again. He stands on his backfeet and then he roar…….. Drake, Josh & Wien shocked by his roar.

After his roar, Kushala charging straight to place where Josh stands……..

“JOSH!!!” Drake uses his gunlance to guard against kushala charge, right infront of josh.

“That was close” said Josh, “thank you..”

The Kushala jumped back once more, activate his wind barrier, and then hovering in the sky……ready to attack again…….and he do it.

He fires 3 consecutive wind blasts. This time, he targeted Wien as his attack target.

Wien rolls 3 times to left, avoided his attack, and then ready to attack with his bow again. 3 Arrow fired from his bow, targeted Kushala wing…

Kushala avoid Wien’s arrow by backflip, and landed to ground  again.

A flashbomb throwed by Wien stunned him, make him dazed again….

“Wyvern’s Fire!!!!!” Drake uses his strongest attack, create great explosion that damaged him a lot, followed by Josh, uses his “Spirit Combo” strongest combo of longsword to his wing… and Wien fired 5 consecutive arrow straight to his head, breaking his horn and preventing him from use his wind barrier ability

Kushala roared in pain, and then jumped back, make a low roar once more, and then jump off to the sky, trying to fly to another area…

“He go to higher area!!!Pursue him!!” Josh commanded Drake & Wien

On highest peak of snowy mountains….

The Kushala Daora landed.. trying to recover his health….but he senses something…… an enemy entered that area….. and he ready to battle again……

“that’s him!!!” Drake yells

The Kushala roared, and entered rage mode. He raised his head and shoots 3 consecutive  wind blasts to his enemy…

Drake,Josh & Wien avoided his attack.

Wien shoots 3 arrow from his bow to kushala’s head but he avoided it.

Drake charge with his gunlance, followed by josh.

“I think we dealt enough damage to him, and make him tired” said Drake

“Yeah” Josh replied.

Josh swing his “Eager Cleaver“ to Kushala head, Drake fired Kushala wing with his gunlance and Wien strike him from long distance with his bow

“Throw the flashbomb!!! NOW!!!” and Josh throwed his last flashbomb infront of kushala’s head, make him stunned.

“Now it’s our chance!!”

“Yeah!!my gunlance is already recharged, and can uses Wyvern Fire once more”

He wield his gunlance, and targeted Kushala head, Josh followed him, targeted Kushala wing as his attack target

“Wyvern’s Fire!!!!”

“Spirit Combo!!!”

The Kushala roared, very loud roar,stands with his backfeet, and then fall to the ground,…….. he died………

“Yeah!!!” we made it!!!” we kill it!!!” Josh yells

“Good work, team” said Josh “lets carve it”

They take their carving knife, and started collecting Kushala material from their enemy body…

After collecting…..

“let’s go home, I need some rest” said Wien

“OK, let’s go home” Drake& Josh replied

6 days later……….

“Hey Drake!!!” Wien called Drake

“Oh hello” Drake replied. “so, you made new set of armor?

Wien is wearing new set of armor, full set of Kushala Daora armor, and he uses new bowgun, named Daora’s Delphinidae..

“Yes” Wien replied “ and I want to test it”

“Let’s go, I want to test my new weapon too”Drake replied back

On his back, drake carrying silver colored gunlance, named “Silver Rook” a gunlance made from silver Rathalos  material

“Wait for me!!!”it’s Josh voice

Josh carrying new longsword on his back, a black longsword from Lao Shan & Shen Gaoren material, named “Centenarian Dagger”

“All of us get new set of equipment” said Drake ”and we need to test it”

“Let’s go!!!”

To Be Continued

On part 3″ New Problem, New Comrades”


EMPIRE EARTH II adalah sequel dari game empire earth dan bergenre RTS.di dalam game ini anda bisa berperan sebagai bermacam macam bangsa dari americans,japanese,british ,germans dan berbagai bangsa besar lain yang bisa berkembang bermacam macam zaman\epoch 1-15 world war I & world war II,cold war dan berbagai macam perang lain dan pertempuran seru yang bisa menampung hingga 10 player selebihnya cobalah mainkan game ini.